Artisan Bowls

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From all over the globe these individually sourced dough bowls each have a history all their own. Now, they’ve been reclaimed and refinished in food-safe, eye-catching hues. We’ve then lined them with natural long burning cotton wicks, hand-poured pure creamy soy wax, and added high quality toxic free fragrance & essential oils, to create a piece for you that is one of a kind.

Each bowl is completely unique, none alike. Each has its own history on where it is from, how it was carved and how it came to us. You will be purchasing a piece of candle art that is individually made just for you.

There is the option to add a beautiful wax rose to the center of your candle. The rose will float on top of the melted wax and sink in as you burn the candle. To add a rose to your order see our “” listing.