Scented Wax Brittle

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Hand-poured sheets of Natural Soy Wax are broken into brittle like pieces to be used in any wax melter. 

These brittles are highly scented and have a long lasting scent throw with 100% pure essential oil and toxic free fragrances. 

Each box contains 8 ounces worth of wax sealed to keep the scent strong. 

Fragrance Descriptions:

-Strawberry Rose; A dry floral, fruity aroma surrounded by nose tingling effervescent bubbles and just a hint of vanilla.

-Frozen Margarita; fresh and light lime, orange peel, grapefruit, and a twist of lemon. Followed by frothy iced guava nectar, mint leaf, and finished with a woody-spice and musk aroma.

-Mulled Cider; A rich full-bodied scent of fruit and citrus like apple and lemon, but finishes with a dry and woody violet aroma.

-Vanilla Rum Cake; Warm spicy rum, clove, red berries and dark fruit. All wrapped up with a strongly sweet aroma of vanilla and caramel. 

-Twisted Melon; light and bubbly scent infused with lime, grapefruit, orange peel, and melon. With under tones of mint, fresh herbs and jasmine, then finished with a hint of sandalwood.