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Small Gift Set

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Having a hard time deciding between scents, or need the perfect gift idea...problem solved! Pick any three of our round candles and get a cheaper price per candle with this gift set.
**please tell us the scents you would like in the comment section of your order**


Bourbon Brown Sugar:Dark and spicy this bourbon scented candles wraps you in warm scents of an aged bourbon, oak, and brown sugar, then finishes with a sweet vanilla aroma. Perfect for creating a warm and manly scent throughout your home.

Cannabis Flower:This shockingly intriguing scent is the essences of the flower of the cannabis plant. It starts with a floral and light spice note, followed by earthy grass notes, and finished with a warm musk and cedar aroma.

Champagne:This light and effervescent champagne candle will be sure to evoke those feelings of joy and celebration. It starts with a beautiful citrus and pear scent, then fills your nose with those effervescent bubbles just like a bottle of champagne, and finishes with just the hint of a toasted note. Cheers! to your next favorite candle.

Chardonnay:This chardonnay scented candle will be sure to remind you of the worlds most popular grape. Just like the wine this candle has a rich full-bodied scent of fruit and citrus like apple and lemon, but finishes with a dry and woody violet aroma.

Frozen Margarita:This is not your standard pre-mixed margarita at the bar...this margarita is fresh and light filled with top notes of lime, orange peel, grapefruit, and a twist of lemon. Followed by middle notes of frothy iced guava nectar, mint leaf, and finished with a woody-spice and musk aroma. It will fill your space with a refreshing and citrus scent that will delight and relax you.

Gin&Tonic:This light and bubbly scent starts with a fizzy and aldehydic aroma, infused with lime, grapefruit, and orange peel. Lied atop a bed of mint, fresh herbs and jasmine, then finished with a hint of sandalwood.

Gold Lager:You'll be cracking open a nice cold one when you light this refreshing candle. It starts with top notes of eucalyptus, apple, and malty alcohol. Followed by a light rosewood aroma, and finished with a malty musk base note.

Gold Rum:This complex and warm scent will be sure to delight. With spicy rum and clove top notes, red berries and dark fruit. All wrapped up with the aroma of caramel and vanilla.

Moscato:This candle is the scent of a beautiful light-bodied moscato wine. With its sweet tropical fruit flavor, floral aroma, and light bubbly finish. This candle will fill any room with a light and sweet scent that is sure to remind you of your favorite bottle of moscato. So pop the top on this candle (and your bottle of wine) and enjoy.

Oatmeal Stout:This rich, full bodied, and smooth beer fragrance is positively yummy! It starts with a creamy oatmeal, orange peel, and butterscotch. Followed by notes of farm-fresh milk, nutty almond, and rich vanilla.

Sauvignon Blanc:This candle will be sure to remind you of the wild white wine its named after! With its crisp, fresh and clean herbaceous aroma, and its dry and fruity white peach finish. This Sauvignon Blanc candle is one of our favorites and will be sure to fill your space with a beautiful crisp white wine scent.

Scotch Whiskey:This warm and complex scent is different than your usual whisky. It starts with a floral jasmine, heliotrope, and bright Italian bergamot notes. Followed by rich notes of vanilla bourbon, scotch whiskey, and cigar. Then wraps up with notes of cedar-wood and musk.

Twisted Manhattan:This is a slight twist on the original manhattan drink that will be sure to liberate your senses. With top notes of zesty citrus, warm pepper and brandied cherry. Followed by velvety cognac, amber, and rye whiskey.

Vintage Wine:A sparkling white wine type this candle opens with notes of peach, orange peel, and wild berry. Then notes of apple, pear, white lily, cinnamon, and clove take over, then all wrapped up with a woody, powdery raspberry and vanilla base. This candle is rich and complex just like a beautifully aged wine.