About Us



LiveYoung Candle Co. is hand-crafted with love by artisans Tawny and Allie Young in their Maryland home studio.

The idea of LiveYoung Candle Co. came to me because I wanted to create a candle that would not irritate my daughters allergies or harm the environment. I fell in love with the creative process and we haven't stopped, now we have added a line of all natural skin care products, and it has became my therapy.

Creating candles became my sanctuary when I was dealing with a very difficult life change, it offered me peace and the ability to create, which is what my artistic mind craves. I find it hard to stop sometimes, that is why my crafty hippie side started thinking about how I could make my own skin care products too. So my daughter Allie and I started to research natural ingredients that would be safe and healthy for the skin and ethical for our environment.

I truly believe that I have found my path and what I need for inner peace. Our promise is to offer an affordable luxury candle line and natural skin care products for everyone to enjoy.

Our desire for you is to 

                                             LIVE BEAUTIFUL

                                              LIVE FREE


~with love,
Tawny & Allie Young